A new COVID-19 cases was confirmed by the Athens City-County Health Department on Sunday afternoon, bringing the county total to 14.

As of Monday afternoon, Athens County has 14 confirmed cases and 1 death. There are 5 active cases and 8 recovered cases. The state of Ohio has 32,477 total COVID-19 cases and 1,987 deaths.

The number of cases in the counties surrounding Athens stand at:

  • Washington – 117 cases
  • Morgan – 5 cases
  • Perry – 18 cases
  • Hocking – 65 cases
  • Vinton – 19 cases
  • Meigs – 6 cases

As the state continues to reopen from the stay-at-home orders, certain precautions are still encouraged by the state and the Ohio Department of Health.

Gatherings of more than 10 people are still prohibited under the new advisory and social distancing is still encouraged. All reopened offices, stores and restaurants need to abide by the safety procedures as directed by the state, including wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces and keeping guests 6-feet apart where able.

Gov. Mike DeWine recently spoke of the importance of wearing face masks, claiming that it is not a partisan issue.

“This is not about whether you’re liberal or conservative, left or right, Republican or Democrat,” DeWine told NBC’s Chuck Todd during “Meet the Press.”

The Health Department reminds residents that they can take the following steps to help reduce the spread:

  • Wearing a face covering (if you are able to without compromising your own health)
  • Practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet
  • Limiting gatherings to 10 people
  • Staying home if you are sick
  • Working from home, if you can
  • Sending just one person from the family to do the shopping
  • Washing hands frequently for 20 seconds
  • Cleaning high touch surfaces
  • Monitoring your health
  • Preparing for someone who may be ill in your home
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