Marching 110

Note: This story appears in the Friday, Oct. 11 newspaper on Page A1.

The Marching 110 band is the latest organization on Ohio University’s campus to be investigated for allegations of hazing.

The university announced early Thursday evening it is investigating the popular marching band. Members have been issued an “administrative directive to immediately stop all non-academic group activities” by OU’s Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility (CSSR)

However, the band will be able to perform at the Homecoming Parade and football game later this weekend.

This follows investigations into 13 Greek organizations on campus, including nine Interfraternity Council chapters; three Women’s Panhellenic Association sororities; and a professional business fraternity.

A news release announcing the investigation into the Marching 110 notes that members are enrolled in marching band courses for academic credit.

“As such,” the news release adds, “they will be permitted to continue University sanctioned activities, including public performances at athletic events and in the Homecoming Parade, which are part of their required curriculum.”

Like earlier hazing investigation announcements by OU, this one did not give any specifics on what type of activity is alleged to have occurred.

Greek Life reinstatements

In the wake of nine Interfraternity Council chapters under official investigation by campus officials, the university placed all 15 IFC chapters under temporary suspension.

The university announced Thursday that it is “working to expedite the investigatory process.” An action plan for reinstatement is said to be underway for the six IFC chapters not under an additional “Cease and Desist” order. Those six chapters are now being allowed to host planning meetings and have until next week to submit reinstatement plans for university approval.

On Wednesday, OU announced investigations into three sororities within the Women’s Panhellenic Association. These are three out of 10 WPA sororities; OU to this point has not issued a blanket suspension of the non-accused sororities as it did with the larger ratio of IFC chapters involved.

“Hazing is not tolerated at Ohio University within our sororities and fraternities, our athletic teams, sports clubs, registered student organizations, groups or anywhere else,” OU spokesperson Carly Leatherwood wrote in the news release. “We know that it can be difficult for students to recognize hazing and even harder to feel empowered to report such acts, and we appreciate the individuals who have come forward.”

Leatherwood added that OU’s Division of Student Affairs is developing a website for “all student organizations and groups that are in good standing.” This will provide updates related to Student Code of Conduct violations.

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