Alexander mascot

Pictured is the Alexander Spartan mascot. The school district’s levy has officially passed by a one-vote margin, an official recount held Monday confirmed.

ALBANY — The Alexander school levy has officially passed, and that’s final.

A recount was held Monday morning at the Athens and Meigs county boards of election. Monday’s total confirmed the result of an earlier count, which had the levy passing by a single vote.

The final tally is: 1,184 votes in favor to 1,183 votes against.

In Athens County, the vote was 1,026 in favor to 1,039 against; in Meigs County, the vote was 158 in favor to 144 against.

Residents of Vinton County who live in the school district voted at Alexander High School. Their votes are included in the Athens County tally.

The levy was ahead by five votes on election night, which was unofficial pending the result of uncounted provisional and absentee ballots.

An official count was held May 24 and added four absentees and 14 provisionals. As The Messenger previously reported, the 18 extra ballots included seven in favor of the levy and 11 against, bringing the margin of victory to just one.

The close result triggered an automatic recount. Monday’s recount in Athens County was conducted by a hand count of the ballots.

The levy is a 5-year, 1-percent earned income tax. The narrow victory follows five ballot failures for the Alexander Local School District between 2016 and 2018.

School board members passed an agreement in April, The Messenger has reported, which would rescind instructional, extracurricular and athletic fees for the 2019-2020 school year. That agreement was contingent on the income tax levy being approved.

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